Czy Pismo Święte uczy o Trójcy?

Who are

Blog is a private initiative of people who want to present arguments which have convinced them to believe in one-person God of the Bible – Jahwe (Yahweh) -as well as allowed them to reject the dogma of the Holy Trinity.

Our website shouldn’t be identified with any religious group or church. We believe that belonging to one or another nontrinitarian group is a personal choice.

We don’t ask anyone about their religion, because for us arguments, not human authorities, are important.

We are not associated with any political organisation, too.

On the blog we present and comment on verses which convince us to believe in one God and His Son – Lord Jesus Christ and these which allegedly support the belief in the Holy Trinity.

If you have another opinion about God’s nature, we respect it. Of course we are eager to get to know your opinion and eventually take it into account in our discussion. At the same time we don’t want to offend others’ beliefs and feelings. We think that everyone can believe in what their heart and mind are saying and what is in line with the Holy Spirit’s lessons.

We believe that this website will help truth seekers find answers to a question: who is God about whom we read in the Bible.

Why was this blog created?

When we started writing this blog, there wasn’t any similar place on the Internet, with such a wide range of the biblical comments. We wanted to gather the biblical arguments of antitrinitarians and more than 100 specific verses in one place.

We hope that thanks to this we will encourage readers to read the Bible and meditate on good news included in this Book. We want also to prove that the dogma of the Holy Trinity obscures a gospel preached by Jesus and His followers.

We don’t have any funding or reimbursement from any institution, congregation or church. We have never been on any religious post. We have never asked our readers for financial support. We don’t use adverts to earn money too, because we believe that it wouldn’t suit to gravity of the biblical topics which we write about. Material which we have published is only a small part of the information from the Bible which we want to pass on.

The Lord Jesus is our personal Savior in this sense that he has sacrificed his life to save everybody. God isn’t a mysterious, philosophical and unknowable Creature – Trinity. He is a loving Father who invites us to get to know him (John 17 :3).

Verses are quoted from different accessible Polish translations of the Bible. Bolds and italics are introduced by us and their aim is to draw attention to key words. Quoted fragments of other publications come mainly from our library.

We wish you a nice lecture. If you want to ask a question or contact with us in another case, write to the e-mail address:


The translation was made by our reader from the article: Kim są

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